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Although our balms are called baby balms, they are for people of all ages. We call them baby balms, because they are safe enough for a baby. It is important to us to use all-natural ingredients on our baby’s skin, they are even safe enough to eat! (However, we don't recommend, but if ingested, they are 100% safe.) These are handmade all natural balms with no parabens, preservatives, fragrances and other harmful ingredients. 

All of our balms contain a carrier oil which serves a variety of purposes. Some reasons include, bulking/diluting, consistency, speed of absorption, texture & melting point, and special features & benefits. The most important purpose after being the base of every recipe is consistency. The consistency of an individual carrier oil is based on its consistency at room temperature.  Each one will contribute differently to a final product (think oil vs. butter when baking).  Temperature can cause products to change in consistency.  When placed in the refrigerator, they will harden.  For best results, scoop a small amount between two fingers and rub together.  Apply directly to pulse points to help release the uplifting/calming aroma. (Our favorite spots are on the bottoms of the feet and behind the ears!)

All of our products are natural or organic.